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Fuel's Future

Ammonia is the fuel for the future that our civilization will be rely upon for humanity's next industrial revolution.


No other fuel can match the versatility and sustainability of renewable Ammonia, and no other fuel has such an extensive and robust history of safe consumption.

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It's all about chemistry

Universal Mining Group and General Ammonia Corporation have come together to make


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Go Green

No other fuel can match two of the most abundant elements in the Universe allowing General Ammonia Corporation to create a truly green fuel cheaper than the  fossilized stuff you buy at the pump.  

Environmental Impact

Simply put when we have an oil spill we call in the caterpillars. Nitrogen and water are building blocks for plant life. Clean ups require nothing more than time and sunshine.


Take a breathe our emissions are clean.

Water and Nitrogen. 

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Make the switch

Contact us to learn how you can make the switch for your fleet, factory, or power generation facility to burn the future of fuel.


Or if you would like to purchase Fuel2.0's future on the block chain to add value to your balance sheet.

Get Started here 

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