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Fuel2.0 and Ravencoin

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain, handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. We've used this blockchain to create a safe and secure asset called Fuel2.0. This asset is your contract to future cashflows from fuel sales as the project grows. In addition to these future fuel sales you also receive monthly sustainably mined Ravencoin that adds value to your balance sheet.

Shiny Stars

Ravencoin built to soar


Why you should put Ravenecoin on your balance sheet, monthly. It's a top 100 crypto currency market capitalization. That has a strong community 4 years and counting with tons of followers.

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  • Ravencoin isn't one project to the moon. It's many projects to the stars.

  • Fair Launch - no premine, NO ICO or Master Nodes. [All community owned]

  • Strong liquidity markets for fast capitalization

  • Strong long term asset with only 21 billion Ravencoins mined

  • Asset creation burns Ravencoins thus reducing the amount of RVN in circulation.  

  • Decentralized proof of work mining.

  • UMG mined Ravencoins will be POW that is 100% sustainable energy.

  • Join a growing network of businesses adding cutting edge Ravencoin Assets to their balance sheet.

Fuel your future

​Fuel2.0 is an asset for your balance sheet like none other. It's the potential for future fuel sales as our project fossilizes energy as you know it. Why put this product on your balance sheet?

  • Shareholders have given you an obligation to become a more sustainable operation.

  • Fulfill a value objective for your business.

  • Meet Environmental, Social, Governance goals.

  • Increase marketing awareness within the Raven and sustainability communities.

  • Public open source auditing for Fuel2.0 purchase.

  • Fuel2.0 assets stored in RVN asset aware wallet for your balance sheet documentation purposes.

  • Fuel2.0 asset stored in RVN asset aware wallet allows you to attach asset environmental attributes to organization, product, or service.

  • Fuel2.0 asset purchase funds growth of sustainability projects to create fuel that protects the environment and your wallet.

  • Join our Partners page to show the world you are invested in the future.

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