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Founded in 2021

Universal Mining Group is a technology company engaged in: Ravencoin Mining • Green Hydrogen Production • Power Generation • Vertical Farming Manufacturing

By engaging in these markets the leadership of Universal Mining Group provides a bedrock to the future of Cryptocurrency, Power Generation and Ecosystem Adoption. Universal Mining Group’s values on transparency, adoption, growth and sustainability is its competitive advantage in these markets. Universal Mining Group LLLP will provide a roadmap to the commercialization of cost effective green hydrogen production and  encourage further growth into these markets. 

First Flight

The primary goal of first flight was to establish a profitable mining operation. To achieve this we went to work on the whiteboard and then started building in the garage. Above are some pictures of the first mining operation. 

Our first step was identifying a coin which would meet our needs and align with the groups values. Upon examination of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Z-Cash and ERGO the group decided to mine RVN. 

Thus we became part of the Conspiracy!


For more information click here: RVN Foundation | RVN Organization

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